Clay Robinson and Yaya Diamond speak on Domestic Violence and Anger Managment Trigger Warning Clay Robinson has spent his career working in the fields of Violence Prevention, Mental Health, and Conflict Management. He is a passionate philanthropist and entrepreneur committed to organizations combating violence of any kind. His passion for assisting victims and perpetrators of domestic violence was fueled by hearing so many news stories that involved men committing acts of domestic violence against their wives or significant others. Each guy he saw being led off by police in handcuffs always had their head hung and appeared to be remorseful. Clay felt he needed to find a way to get people to understand the lasting affects domestic violence on families and communities and that domestic violence is not limited to persons of any particular race, culture, or socio-economic background or gender; women can also be batterers’. Clay Robinson is a Domestic Violence Instructor and Anger Management Specialist with over twenty-one years of experience in the mental health and counseling field. He specializes in providing trainings, seminars, and counseling in the areas of domestic violence, anger management, family crisis prevention, and relationship enhancement. He has also provided counseling services and life enhancement skills to deaf males. Clay has provided trainings, seminars, and counseling services to community organizations, area junior high and high schools and Detroit area Head Start programs, Detroit 36th District Court, Chrysler Corporation, the United States Coast Guard, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, the Knights of Pythagoras Mentoring Network and H.O.M.E.S. Inc., both located in South Florida.