Achieve Spiritual Upliftment With Kiana Hamilton's Soul Inspiration - Interview with Yaya Diamond.mp4 As human beings we all have encountered obstacles and struggles on a daily basis, and I wanted to write a book that could inspire the lives of people through poetry. We all have endured some kind of disappointment, loss, hardship, and possible loneliness. With everyday passing it's so easy to lose hope, but you can overcome it all, with God. Through every tribulation, we reveal the keys to our survival and blessings of all kinds. They can be defined by nine words of inspiration; strength, perseverance, peace, hope, love, relationships, praise, patience, and prayer. I believe these are the attributes that became relevant to the circumstances in my life, and I want to share them as inspiration to your soul. As you pursue your divine journey of life, I pray that these words will bring encouragement for what lies ahead of you.