Folding Facts_ An Interview with Origami Expert Ross Symons

Ross is an origami expert, and he has become an internet sensation by fusing this skill with animation and video production. Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper-folding that's never really gone out of fashion and is now becoming a modern fad in the era of YouTube instructions and Instagram. He has created engaging stop motion animations for some of the world's biggest brands, including Red Bull, Adidas, Disney Plus, Nordstrom, Sony, PlayStation, Converse, McDonald's, Samsung, and Dior, which has helped them stand out in the crowded digital landscape. Ross successfully completed a 365-day origami Instagram project in 2014 and 2017, folding and posting a different origami figure each day for an entire year onto Instagram, all the while making animations between the single photo posts. The projects grew his following on the platform from 120 to 100K+ and helped him to capture the attention of the big brands he works with today. Like many entrepreneurs, Ross worked a 9 to 5 job as a website developer at Ogilvy, one of the top advertising, marketing, and PR firms in the world, before founding his company White on Rice. Over time, he came to realize that working for someone would never allow him to live the happy, free life he desired, and he took the risk of leaving a secure and well-paying profession in 2014 to pursue his passion for origami, which he had done since 2002 as a hobby. Ross's gamble paid off as he grew his business into a sought-after creative agency in less than four years. He has been featured on major media outlets, including CNN, Business Insider, and The Times.