Chelation therapist Spencer Feldman talks natural remedies for optimal wellness

Spencer is the founder of Remedylink – where for the last 20 years, he has been formulating and manufacturing detoxification products for doctors and their patients. His company specializes in helping support your body's natural responses to heavy metal toxins. His background in Holistic Health and Chelation Therapy and passion for detoxification allows Spencer to do what he loves every day- make products that allow real detoxification to happen. Being the longest-running Suppository Company in the United States, Spencer has shared his passion for health for over 20 years with products that represent true craftsmanship and commitment to quality. Spencer is now in his 50s and he lives with his partner completely off-grid on his 100-acre farm where he spends his time tending his orchard and garden while continuing to design new products to help detoxify people. Some topics Spencer could touch on during the podcast include: 7 secrets to a healthy microbiome, and why you want one The latest research on ways we can enhance the body’s natural ability to protect your genes. The correct way to remove toxins from your body. Practical advice on how anyone can optimize for good health.